Pamono is a site where European and British art dealers can sell vintage and modern things. The site is known for unique, only works of art. The site consists of a combination of goods from international galleries, from small shops, works of artisans and designers. Pamono is addressed to a client -oriented base, including interior designers. For dealers in the UK and Europe, offering outstanding design products, Pamono can be a great choice. Pamono is focused on the stories of each item, providing customers as much information as possible. The dealers that make statements can be well suited for listing on Pamono.
What is the comission?
The cost of registration is 0$
Then £1- £6,000 : 20%
£6,001-£10,000 : 15%
£10,001 and above : 10%
What is the hosting fee per month or per year?
£59 monthly fee for the basic package
£89 monthly fee for the pro package
£179 monthly fee for the premium package
Year founded
Total visits per month
6 million monthly sessions & growing
Germany, Berlin
Global Scale & Reach
Approximate number of listings
Active buyers worldwide
Connect people and buld communities
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AUDIENCE's audience is 43.07% male and 56.93% female. The largest age group of visitors are 25 - 34 year olds. Design focused clientele.
Social media traffic gets most of its social media traffic from Pinterest, followed by Facebook and Linkedin (Desktop).
Advertising tools
1. Writing articles about the company in printed and electronic form
2. Posting on social medias, Newsletter, publication of products in a printed catalog for interior designers.
*They choose the products for advertising by themselves.