Veryimportantlot, or abbreviated Vil, is a rapidly developing platform that specializes in the trade in art objects. Sellers provide all conditions for demonstrating and implementing authentic antique or modern works of art, including copyright works. In addition, we are actively developing the “Bases of Knowledge” section and publish high -quality material regarding the history and encyclopedic terminology of painting, sculpture, decorative art. There are 4 types of sellers on the VeryimPortantlot website. These are auction houses, antique shops and art galleries, as well as contemporary artists: painters, sculptors, photographers, designers, decorators and other art specialties. All sellers undergo a preliminary check.
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Tarif plan Free for sellers0$ per month
Tarif plan PRO for sellers50$ per month
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AUDIENCE's audience is 45.29% male and 54.71% female. The largest age group of visitors are 25 - 34 year olds.
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