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The new Antiqon PRO online service provides for art market professionals the opportunity to promote art and antiques on the Internet.
Antiqon PRO announces the launch of an online platform for an absolutely new format for the promotion and sale of art objects on the Internet. This innovative service will allow representatives of the art market to easily transfer their business online and reach an audience of more than 12 million people.
Antiqon PRO allows you to create a single personal account based on the service, through which you will be able to place art objects for sale on specialized platforms for collectors from all over the world: Antiqon, Veryimportantlot, Vinterior, Antiques Boutique, Pomono and Chairish, as well as on several major European and American marketplaces such as Ebay, Google Market, Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Shopping. The functionality of our trading platform will help representatives of the art market to significantly simplify and increase the effectiveness of advertising goods on the Internet in just a few clicks. Users of the service will no longer have to manually upload their products and pay for their placement on all the web sites presented separately, which will not only save time, but also cost 50-70% less.
“The Antiqon team has been working in the art market for many years and knows how increasing the visibility of goods on the Internet is important for business development. The Antiqon PRO service was created to solve problems with entering the global art and antiques market, simplify promotion processes, increase business profitability, save money and time, which are an important resource for every professional,” - Danila Moiseenkov, director of Service Development Antiqon PRO. In addition to the effective promotion of goods, Antiqon PRO also solves other important issues that arise in the process of making a deal: it provides consultations, ensures the acceptance of payments using popular payment systems, provides logistics and insurance services for art objects, and also acts as a guarantor of the security of the transaction. Antiqon PRO has developed flexible tariff plans with a free three-month period, which will allow each client to test the service and build their own sales strategy.
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