Terms and Conditions

This Terms and Conditions is formed between the owner and seller of an antique piece and Latvian SIA "Antiqon", registration number in Latvian Commercial Register: 40103941382, legal address: Brīvības iela 52 – 1B, Rīga, LV-1011 (hereinafter - ANTIQON)

This terms and conditions shall be as well used as an agreement formed between the seller of an antique piece ("PARTNER") and SIA "Antiqon", registration number in Latvian Commercial Register: 40103941382, legal address: Brīvības iela 52 – 1B, Rīga, LV-1011. 

The PARTNER is an owner or authorized holder of specific antique piece in segment of home décor, the art segment or the jewelry and watches segment ("Antique Piece")

ANTIQON operates under the Internet address ("Trading Page") and provides to the PARTNER and the buyer of Antique Piece provides its Services (as defined below) of the Trading Page and PARTNER support service in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. These General Terms apply to entire use of the Trading Page. No other terms shall apply unless the Parties have expressly agreed in writing on the applicability. By signing or otherwise accepting this Terms and Conditions (for example, by clicking "I accept"), you accept these Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them as by any legally concluded Agreement.

The PARTNER intends to sell its antique piece to any customer, that ANTIQON may find by promoting PARTNER′S respective product, ANTIQON is not the owner of the Antique Piece, except for if ANTIQON decides to purchase one. The parties therefore agree on the following:


  • ANTIQON - SIA "Antiqon", registration number in Latvian Commercial Register: 40103941382, legal address: Brīvības iela 52 – 1B, Rīga, LV-1011, Republic of Latvia.
  • PARTNER - an owner or authorized holder of specific Antique piece in segment of home décor, the art segment or the jewelry and watches segment.
  • Antique Piece – any antique piece or other piece of art or any valuable item in sell by the PARTNER on Trading Page
  • Trading Page - ANTIQON maintained web page to provide for the PARTNER service in promoting and selling of Antique Piece.
  • General Terms – current terms and conditions. By accepting these General Terms the party to be bound by them as by any legally concluded Agreement.
  • Business day - means a calendar day other than (i) Saturday, (ii) Sunday (except when Saturday or Sunday are working days due to the transfer of working and non-working days by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia) and (iii) non-working (holidays) days in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia.
  • Customer – legal or natural person, who purchase Antique Piece. 
  • Packaging terms – ANTIQON′s designed terms on how to pack Antique Piece before delivery. Packaging terms available here
  • Publishing terms - ANTIQON′s designed terms on how to create and publish information about Antique Piece. Publishing terms available here
  • Purchase Price - confirmed by the partner and accepted by the Costumer final price for Antique Piece. 
  • Commission Fee – renumeration of ANTIQON for services according to this General Terms.
  • Data Processing Agreement – agreement between ANTIQON and the Partner to regulate Data exchange protection. 


  • ANTIQON acts as a distributor of the PARTNER′S products and provides the PARTNER with access to the Trading Page through which the PARTNER (or ANTIQON as authorized) sells its products to Customers. Trading page allows the PARTNER to publish information about Antique Piece on sale on other similar trading webpages. On the grounds of authorization ANTIQON on behalf of the PARTNER may prepare description of Antique Piece on sale and publish this information on Trading Page or/and on merchant′s pages and sell Antique Piece. 
  • The PARTNER hereby authorizes ANTIQON to sell Antique Piece, to receive payments on behalf of the PARTNER from Customers for traded Antique Piece and to collect payments from Customers on behalf of the PARTNER. 
  • The PARTNER hereby authorizes ANTIQON to collect purchase price from Customers and to receive payments from Customers on behalf of the PARTNER through external payment service providers for the sold Antique Piece purchased from the PARTNER. ANTIQON shall then make payments to the PARTNER as set out in this Agreement. For clarity, ANTIQON does not act as a payment service provider between the PARTNER and the Customers. 
  • The PARTNER must describe its antique piece on the Trading Page truthfully and with all the necessary information including but not limited to all defects, restoration details and correct measurements. The description shall be made in compliance with ANTIQON′S conditions on photography and description of Antique Piece. If description or pictures of Antique Piece did not match the conditions on photography and description, ANTIQON is authorized to stop publication of Antique Piece. Images showing a product must show the original color, condition, and characteristics of the product. All images of used or unique Antique Piece must show the product to be sold. If deceptive information is provided (including but not limited to designer or manufacturer attribution and other key product characteristics) the PARTNER is fully responsible for the costs resulting from potential legal claims and/or the costs resulting from delivery of Antique Piece from buyer back to the PARTNER. 
  • The PARTNER ensures that dirt is removed from the item before collection.
  • The PARTNER guarantees the authenticity of the Antique Piece. The PARTNER guarantees that the pieces listed are not counterfeits. The PARTNER is responsible for refunding and accepting the return of the goods by the Customer regardless of the purchase date provided there is evidence (such as a specialist certificate) that the product information provided was deceptive or incorrect.
  • ANTIQON without any extra proxy can publish information about Antique Piece on following partner pages: (1) (2) Pamono, (3) Chairish, (4) Vinterior, (5) Ebay, (6), (7) Antiques Boutique, (8) Very Important lot, (9) Google Merchant center, (10) Facebook Marketplace, (11) Instagramm & Instagramm shoping, (12) Drouot . Terms and conditions of respective partner can be find on following links: (1) (2) Pamono, (3) Chairish, (4) Vinterior, (5) Ebay, (6), (7) Antiques Boutique, (8) Very Important lot, (9) Google Merchant center, (10) Facebook Marketplace, (11) Instagramm & Instagramm shoping, (12) Drouot


  • To register as an ANTIQON PARTNER, the PARTNER must use the Trading Page. 
  • The PARTNER must provide the following information in the registration form. Company information such as registration number, company name, registered office, country of registration. Additional information such as specialization, year business established, number of employees, number of products on sale, link to Trading Page, experience with auctions (yes/no), contact of IT specialist (email), information on how ANTIQON was found. The PARTNER must agree to the Terms of use and Privacy policy.
  • The PARTNER warrants that the information provided in sign up form is correct.
  • After the PARTNER has filled in the application form, the PARTNER will receive from ANTIQON the necessary information to start the cooperation. The Partner acknowledges that the ANTIQON must make an AML due diligence of the PARTNER. Before due diligence results the account of the PARTNER will be suspended. 
  • The PARTNER may change any information about the partner in Trading Page setting section. Anyway, respective information shall not change the PARTNER as a person. If partner changed any information in his regard, ANTIQON shall make an additional due diligence of changed information. Before due diligence results the account of the PARTNER will be suspended.
  • The time for setting your online profile depends on various factors, e.g. the list and amount of your products and the settings that are required to set you online. For standard PARTNERS, ANTIQON aim to set profile online within 5 business days after sign up form fulfillment. 
  • After the set up of profile, the PARTNER will be able to add the products in the Trading Page by itself. 
  • ANTIQON reserves the right to request from the PARTNER, if necessary, the information required for the KYC (Know Your Client) procedures and to verify this information if necessary. ANTIQON is authorized to request any necessary information about the PARTNER, origin of Antique Piece and business of the PARTNER in accordance with Section 8 of this General Terms. 


  • ANTIQON is not direct purchaser of PARTNER′s Antique Piece, but provides service in finding of the purchaser, by publishing information about Antique Piece according to this Agreement. ANTIQON sells the Antique Piece of the PARTNER to the customer as an authorized representative. This means that a sales Agreement is only formed between the PARTNER and the Costumer, not between the PARTNER and the ANTIQON.
  • By offering a product on the Trading Page (or any other or subsidiary page) for a specific purchase price, for which the product is to be sold to the customer, the PARTNER confirms his will to sell specific Antique Piece to any customer, without any kind of limitation. The price can be fixed or negotiable. The final price depends on request of the PARTNER, it can be fixed on the moment of publishing of specific Antique Piece, or it can be negotiate. 
  • Purchase price for the Antique Piece may be negotiated before concluding of Sales Agreement if only the PARTNER confirms to make a Purchase price negotiable. The partner may authorize ANTIQON to make a discount for Antique Piece. Amount of discount shall be confirmed by the PARTNER in written or by making respective action on Trading Page. 
  • Sales agreement is concluded at the time when Customer confirmed the purchase of Antique Piece on fixed price, or at the end of bids moment. 
  • Both the PARTNER and the Customer confirm to execute Antique Piece transaction in accordance with Terms of Sales Agreement according to Paragraph 4 of this Agreement. 
  • It is obligation of the Partner to update information about Antique Piece status, including to inform ANTIQON if the Antique Piece was sold. The information about Antique Piece shall be published and updated in accordance with Publishing terms. 


  • The PARTNER as the seller is selling and the Customer shall buy specific Antique Piece.
  • The PARTNER confirms that he is the sole owner of a specific Antique Piece or acting as a proxy of the owner of specific Antique Piece.
  • The total purchase amount for the Antique Piece to be offered by the PARTNER and accepted by the Customer.
  • The purchase price for the Antique Piece shall be made before Antique Piece is prepared for delivery. 
  • The ownership for the Antique Piece shall be transferred to the Customer from receiving of the Antique Piece. If the Customer refuses to accept Antique Piece or return Antique Piece back to the PARTNER, it is considered, that the Customer never owned Antique Piece, but was holding it. 
  • Along with the owner title since the day of delivery all the risk connected with the Antique Piece shall be transferred to the Customer and the Customer shall acquire and undertake respective rights and obligations.
  • The PARTNER shall guarantee:
    • (i) that he is the sole owner of the Antique Piece; 
    • (ii) Antique Piece possessed in result of legal transaction and the PARTNER is sure, that respective Antique Piece was not stolen or otherwise illegally acquired;
    • (iii) the Antique Piece was not alienated to anyone else nor pledged in favor of a third party, not arrested, nor encumbered in any way. 
  • All matters and costs related to preparation of Antique Piece for delivery to the Customer, including necessary licenses and confirmations shall be paid by the PARTNER.


  • Personal Data processed by the PARTNER on behalf of ANTIQON
    • "Personal Data" means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person that the PARTNER may access through the ANTIQON Trading Page and that the PARTNER processes on behalf of ANTIQON while using the Trading Page in accordance with and during the term of this Terms and conditions.
    • In connection with PARTNER′s use of the ANTIQON Trading Page, ANTIQON may transfer various data to PARTNER for processing on ANTIQON′S behalf. Such Personal Data includes Personal Data of Users, ANTIQON employees and subcontractors. The following provisions of this section apply to the PARTNER′s processing activities as a data processor in relation to Personal Data that it processes on behalf of ANTIQON.
  • General requirements applicable to the processing of Personal Data
    • Personal Data processed by the PARTNER on behalf of ANTIQON may include Personal Data of Users, ANTIQON employees and subcontractors, such as name, surname, photograph and contact details, as well as details of User orders placed through the ANTIQON Services.
    • The PARTNER shall not use Personal Data for any purpose other than processing User orders placed through the ANTIQON Services and shall not disclose Personal Data to any third party without the prior written consent of ANTIQON. 
    • The PARTNER shall process Personal Data in accordance with the Data Processing Agreement and ANTIQON′s documented instructions. The PARTNER shall process Personal Data in accordance with the most recent Privacy Policy published on ANTIQON′s Trading Page. If the PARTNER determines that the instructions provided by ANTIQON do not comply with the requirements of applicable law, the PARTNER shall notify ANTIQON in writing, unless such notification is prohibited by law for important public interest reasons.
    • The PARTNER and ANTIQON shall comply with EU Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and any applicable European or foreign data protection laws, as amended from time to time.
    • Taking into account the technical feasibility, implementation costs and the nature, scope, context and purpose of the processing, as well as the risks, including those of varying likelihood of occurrence and severity, to the rights and freedoms of natural persons, the PARTNER shall implement appropriate technical and organisational security measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risk, as follows, in particular, to protect Personal Data against accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure or access.
  • The PARTNER′s obligation to assist
    • In order to respond to requests from individuals exercising their rights under applicable data protection law, such as the right of access and the right to rectification or erasure, the PARTNER must put in place appropriate technical and organisational measures to assist ANTIQON without delay, taking into account the nature of the processing. The PARTNER must assist ANTIQON in fulfilling ANTIQON′s obligation to assess security and data protection implications, report breaches and consult with competent supervisory authorities as specified in applicable data protection law, taking into account the nature of the processing and the information available to the PARTNER.
    • The PARTNER shall ensure that persons who process Personal Data are committed to confidentiality or have a corresponding statutory duty of confidentiality.
  • Transfer of Personal Data outside the EEA. The PARTNER shall not transfer Personal Data to countries outside the European Economic Area. In relation to transfers of Personal Data outside the EEA, ANTIQON shall always have the right to require the PARTNER to enter into an agreement with ANTIQON in accordance with the EU Standard Clauses to transfer Personal Data to processors in third countries.
  • Audits. The PARTNER shall provide ANTIQON with all information necessary to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of applicable data protection law and this Agreement and ANTIQON or an auditor appointed by ANTIQON shall have the right, with the assistance of the PARTNER, to audit and inspect the PARTNER′s processing under the Agreement to verify the level of protection and security provided to Personal Data processed under the Agreement. Each Party shall bear its own costs for such audit. Any audit initiated by ANTIQON may not limit the obligations and responsibilities of the PARTNER under the Agreement.
  • Sub-processors. The PARTNER shall only be entitled to use another data processor as its sub-processor to process Personal Data with the prior written consent of ANTIQON. Where ANTIQON consents to the processing of Personal Data by a sub-processor of the PARTNER, the PARTNER shall ensure that the sub-processors engaged are suitably qualified, have written data processing agreements with the PARTNER and comply with the same data processing obligations as the PARTNER under the Agreement. The PARTNER shall be liable to ANTIQON for the processing of Personal Data by the PARTNER′s sub-processors.
  • Breaches
    • The PARTNER shall notify ANTIQON in writing immediately, but no later than 48 hours after becoming aware, of any data breaches in relation to Personal Data and any other events where the security of processing of Personal Data on behalf of ANTIQON has been compromised. The PARTNER shall provide ANTIQON with at least the following information in its breach notification:
      • a description of the breach, including, where possible, the categories and approximate number of Data Subjects involved and the categories and approximate number of Personal Data Records involved;
      • the name and contact details of the PARTNER′s contact person, if more information is needed;
      • a description of the possible consequences of the breach and the measures taken by the PARTNER to address the breach, including, where appropriate, measures to mitigate the possible negative consequences.
    • The PARTNER shall document any and all data breaches, including the facts relating to each data breach, its consequences and the remedial measures taken. This documentation shall enable ANTIQON to verify compliance with the applicable data protection rules.
  • Erasure and return of personal data. Upon termination or expiration of the Agreement, the PARTNER shall, at ANTIQON ′s option, return all Personal Data or permanently delete the Personal Data from its storage, except to the extent that the PARTNER has a legal obligation to continue to retain such Personal Data.


  • PARTNER is aware that the Antique Piece is shipped directly from the PARTNER to the Customer.
  • ANTIQON is therefore not obliged to examine the product but must commit its Customers to carefully check the product for defects immediately upon receipt and to report immediately any deficiencies to ANTIQON.
  • The deadline for a complaint towards the PARTNER concerning defects that are visible to the customer during inspection is maximum 30 days from delivery to the customer. Once a customer has reported a defect to ANTIQON, ANTIQON must pass on the information immediately to the PARTNER.
  • The PARTNER must package Antique Piece in accordance with Packaging terms. The PARTNER acknowledge the necessity of packaging transferable Antique Piece in accordance with Packaging terms, including the PARTNER shall take a picture of condition of Antique Piece before packaging, during packaging and when packed, after packing shall put ANTIQON′s designed insert. Packed Antique Piece shall be taken on video before closing the package. If any of Packaging terms was breached only the PARTNER is responsible for damages of Antique Piece during delivery to Costumer.


  • ANTIQON shall charge the PARTNER a commission fee as defined in this Paragraph of the Agreement for the services for each successful selling transaction of Antique Piece through the Trading Page. The Commission Fee shall be calculated at the final purchase price inclusive of VAT.
  • Commission fee of ANTIQON for selling of Antique Piece is 10 % (ten percent) of the entire amount of purchase price. Renumeration of ANTIQON will be deducted by ANTIQON from purchase price after 30 (thirty) days from the date of delivery of Antique Piece. 
  • The PARTNER shall provide ANTIQON with its bank account details and such other information (such as a bank statement) to make payments. After 30 (thirty) days from the date of delivery of Antique Piece, in case if Costumer didn′t complain about received Antique Piece ANTIQON shall pay the PARTNER an amount equal to the payments made by the Customer but deducted by the amount of Commission Fee and other applicable deductions. 
  • ANTIQON pays the payout price to the PARTNER only if there is no complaints from the Customer in regards of quality (or quantity) of delivered Antique Piece. 
  • ANTIQON reserves the right to change the Commission Fee. ANTIQON will notify the PARTNER of the change by email or thru Trading Page. ANTIQON shall notify the PARTNER of the change 15 (fifteen) days before the amended Commission Fee becomes effective. If the PARTNER does not agree to the change, he shall have the right to terminate the Agreement by notifying ANTIQON in writing within three weeks of receipt of the notice of amendment. If the PARTNER continues to use ANTIQON services after the changes have come into effect, the PARTNER shall be deemed to have agreed to the extent of the changes.
  • The PARTNER shall be solely responsible for all taxes, duties and other costs in connection with its products and services, including the payment to the State of VAT or other taxes. The partner shall be responsible for paying royalty fees or other author fees in accordance with respective regulation and requirements of the author of specific Antique Piece. 
  • In addition to Commission Fee the PARTNER for more effective selling of Antique Piece may select Subscription Plan. The prices, features, and options of the ANTIQON services depend on the Subscription Plan selected;
  • Types of Subscription Plan are published on Trading Page and may be modified by ANTIQON at any time. Modified Subscription Plans shall not affect by the PARTNER selected Subscription Plan until renewal period.
  • When the PARTNER sign up for a paid plan, the PARTNER agreeing to pay via a third-party payment processing company and take responsibility for all charges made in accordance with the chosen plan. All plans are monthly or annual and automatically renew every respective period on the same day of the month or year that follows. 
  • The PARTNER can choose to be charged monthly or pay the annual plan upfront. If the PARTNER cancel before the upcoming renewal date, you will not receive a refund, and will not be charged on the following renewal date and henceforth. To cancel Subscription Plan the PARTNER must contact membership department of ANTIQON at least one month before renewal date.
  • If ANTIQON is unable to bill the PARTNER′S credit card or bank account, your account will enter the dunning process and the PARTNER will then have 10 days from the failed charge date to update your card information before we limit your access to your account. Accounts that have been terminated may be reactivated if valid payment information is entered and the card can be successfully processed for all charges accrued on the account since the failed credit card charge. 
  • All unpaid accounts will be deleted after 180 days.
  • Payment processing of the subscription fee is subject to the terms and conditions as well as privacy policy of respective payment provider. Payment provider may have access to your information as he supports ANTIQON in its authorized use of your information. Any information gathered from the PARTNER during use of Trading Page will be kept confidential and used only while fulfilling orders placed by you, in providing authorized communications, or as required by law. Credit card information will not be stored after order is complete. By providing contact and payment information while placing an order, you consent to allow this information to be used to process and fulfill that order. 
  • By providing your contact information while signing up for communications, the PARTNER consent to allow that contact information to be used for that purpose. Payment information will never be sold. Payment information will never be shared with a third party, except as required by payment provider to fulfill authorized purchases, or as required by law.
  • Contact information and information about any Antique Piece (NOT payment information) may be saved to facilitate future purchases and be used to analyze and improve our business practices.
  • ANTIQON is not responsible for errors by the payment processor.


  • ANTIQON declares, that it will not participate in any type of illicit asset legalization schemes and forbids the PARTNER to use Trading Page for legalization of unlawfully acquired Antique Piece. To escape any risk to be involved in illicit asset legalization schemes ANTIQON, to perform due diligence of the PARTNER and Antique Piece, may request the PARTNER to provide following information about Antique Piece:
    • Identification documents of the PARTNER;
    • Documents, that prove origin of Antique Piece or if respective document can′t be provided description of circumstances on establishing ownership over Antique Piece. 
  • By entering into this Agreement the PARTNER declares following:
    • Antique Piece was acquired in result of legal transaction and the PARTNER have no information that during the lifetime of Antique Piece it was somehow acquired illegally; 
    • the PARTNER is not on any international Sanction list;
    • the PARTNER use Trading Page only to sell Antique Piece and will not use received Purchase Price for any type on illegal activity. 
  • Identical information on origin of funds to purchase Antique Piece may also be requested from the Customer.
  • If ANTIQON is not able to apply the PARTNER due diligence measures specified in this Agreement, then ANTIQON shall not commence a business relationship, including shall not open an account for the PARTNER in Trading Page, shall terminate the business relationship without delay, and shall not execute an occasional transaction with the relevant person or legal arrangement.
  • The ANTIQON shall take the decision to refrain from executing a transaction if the transaction is related with or there are reasonable suspicions that it is related with money laundering or terrorism and proliferation financing, or there are reasonable suspicions that Antique Piece was directly or indirectly obtained as a result of a criminal offence or related with terrorism and proliferation financing, or an attempt of such criminal offence.
  • The ANTIQON takes no responsibility for any losses of the PARTNER in case if ANTIQON will terminate Agreement because the PARTNER will refuse to cooperate with ANTIQON in respect of preventing money laundering. 


  • By accepting a sales Agreement, the PARTNER guarantees that Antique Piece is ready for shipping within 3 working days after the conclusion of the sales Agreement.
  • ANTIQON organizes the collection of the ordered antique piece from the PARTNER′s indicated address with a parcel or freight service. ANTIQON has the right to pass on the cost of collection to the PARTNER in case the product is not ready for shipping at the scheduled collection time or if the submitted collection address is incorrect. If the size and/or weight of packed Antique Piece is different from PARTNER′s declared, such extra delivery costs can be paid by ANTIQON, but will be deducted from Purchase price before transferring to the PARTNER. 
  • Delivery of jewelry, weapons or any other forbidden for transportation items shall be made by the PARTNER individually. 
  • ANTIQON is entitled if the parties have not agreed otherwise:
    • to specify the type of transport and the route;
    • to choose persons who deliver the Antique Piece to the Customer, to enter into the transport, storage and forwarding agreement necessary for delivery of the Antique Piece, to provide information and instructions to the referred to persons and to perform the relevant payments.
  • The PARTNER has an obligation, insofar as it is necessary, to pack and label the Antique Piece to be transferred, to submit accompanying documents and transportation documents (as well as all other necessary) to the ANTIQON, as well as to provide him or her with all the information necessary to fulfil his or her obligation, also information regarding Antique Piece to be carried and stored in accordance with special provisions and for which special equipment or servicing is necessary. Antique Piece shall be packed in accordance with Packaging terms. In case of necessity for specialized packaging or in case if such request was made by the buyer, the PARTNER obliges to pack the Antique Piece in accordance with request on expanses of the buyer. 
  • Even if the PARTNER is not to be blamed, he or she shall be responsible for losses and expenses in relation to the ANTIQON, which have arisen because of the following reasons:
    • the Antique Piece has not been adequately packed or labeled;
    • the ANTIQON has not been informed regarding the specific conditions of the Antique Piece;
    • the PARTNER has not submitted all accompanying documents or has not provided the necessary information, or the information is incomplete, incorrect or false.
  • The PARTNER has an obligation to compensate the ANTIQON′s expenses, which according to the circumstances, have been necessary for the fulfilment of the PARTNER′s obligations, also such expenses, which are related to:
    • the customs and other payments or changes in currency exchange rate;
    • waiting period, which has arisen due to circumstances beyond control of ANTIQON; or
    • incompletely, incorrectly or inappropriately drawn up accompanying documents of the Antique Piece submitted by the PARTNER.
  • ANTIQON has an obligation to insure the Antique Piece transferred at Costumer′s expense if it is requested by the consignor or they have agreed about it in the forwarding agreement.
  • The ANTIQON shall not be liable for non-preserving of the Antique Piece (damages, perishing, shortfall, destruction or loss), if ANTIQON proves that Antique Piece has not been preserved:
    • because it was carried in an open vehicle in accordance with the agreement of the ANTIQON and the PARTNER or upon request of the PARTNER;
    • due to damaged packaging thereof if the Antique Piece was packaged by the PARTNER not in accordance to Packaging Terms;
    • upon loading or unloading it if loading or unloading was performed by the PARTNER;
    • due to individual natural properties, which may easily cause damages of Antique Piece, perishing, shortfall or destruction, if the PARTNER did not inform ANTIQON regarding these properties before the transfer; or
    • due to inappropriate labelling thereof if Antique Piece was labelled by the PARTNER, or because the PARTNER has not indicated special properties of Antique Piece in the accompanying documents, because of which it is necessary to observe special safety provisions or to perform the relevant measures in order to ensure the preservation of the Antique Piece during the carriage or storage.
  • Claims against ANTIQON regarding damages, perishing, shortfall, destruction or loss of a Antique Piece, as well as for delivery of the Antique Piece shall expire within 14 (fourteen) days. 


  • The PARTNER entitles ANTIQON to use on Trading Page and on partnership webpages for self-promotion the brands, texts, images, logos, and other content of the PARTNER which the PARTNER has provided to the ANTIQON platform.
  • The PARTNER entitles ANTIQON to market the Antique Piece on all relevant marketing channels. These include but are not limited to print, television, search engine advertising, display advertising, blogs, social media, affiliate networks, price comparison websites and coupon websites.


  • This agreement becomes valid once the PARTNER clicks on "Accept" in his personal account and is renewed automatically every year. The Agreement may be terminated by ANTIQON at any time at least in text form. The PARTNER is only obliged to pay the monthly subscription in case if such was selected in prior before the termination. Any prepaid subscriptions will be refunded by ANTIQON.
  • This Agreement may be amended by ANTIQON at any time. If ANTIQON intends to change this PARTNER agreement, ANTIQON will notify the PARTNER thereof. If the PARTNER does not object in due form and time, the changes shall come into effect 14 days after receipt of the notification. The objection is only valid in due form and time if it is received by ANTIQON within 7 days after receipt of the changes. ANTIQON will inform the PARTNER of the possibilities of the objection, the form, the deadline, and the legal consequences, even if the objection was not made in due form and time.
  • The ANTIQON has the right to unilaterally terminate the Agreement if:
    • the PARTNER uses Trading Page to perform any illicit action; 
    • liquidation process has been initiated or insolvency process has been initiated with respect to the PARTNER;
    • the PARTNER has not received or has lost its business license (if such is necessary);
    • the PARTNER violates any other obligation undertaken in this Agreement and fails to eliminate the violation within 30 (thirty) calendar days after receiving a respective warning from the ANTIQON.
  • Either Party shall have the right to terminate this Agreement by giving not less than ninety (90) days′ prior notice. 


  • The Partner is prohibited to sell any kind of item and/or post adverts that matches further mentioned characteristics:
    • selling of prohibited or illegal goods/services;
    • services that are not connected with the selling of Antique Piece;
    • identical or similar adverts, regardless of contact information provided or category selected, including through different user accounts;
    • adverts for non-existent and irrelevant offers;
    • adverts containing promotional information – advertising a company, shop, online resource or unjustified use of trademarks of well-known brands;
    • adverts that do not give an exhaustive idea of the selling goods.
    • adverts with knowingly false information about goods.
    • adverts that contain threats, defamatory information, insults, offends the honour and dignity or business reputation of a person or violates the privacy of other users or third parties;
    • adverts violating the rights of minors;
    • adverts with vulgar or obscene content, containing pornographic images, texts or images of a sexual nature depicting minors; Ads containing profanity, abnormal language and expressions;
    • adverts containing information on animal cruelty;
    • adverts containing descriptions of means and methods of suicide and inducement to commit suicide;
    • adverts containing information or propagandising (or) calling for incitement of racial, religious, national or other hatred, calling for fascism or ideology; Ads containing extremist information;
    • adverts containing restricted access information, including, but not limited to, state secrets, trade secrets, information about the private life of third parties;
    • adverts containing drug adverts or encouraging drug use;
    • adverts containing deliberately false and fraudulent information;
    • adverts that violate the intellectual rights of third parties;
    • adverts containing spam, including in the form of a simple set of letters, in the name of the ad, in the description of goods, as well as the placement of ads about non-existent goods;
    • adverts violate other rights and interests of individuals and legal entities or regulations of the Seller's state.
    • adverts violate other rights and interests of individuals and legal entities or regulatory acts of the Republic of Latvia.
  • If the PARTNER do not comply with the before mentioned requirements, ANTIQON has unilateral rights to suspend PARTNERS profile till the moment when the violation has been prevented. If the PARTNER made another violation in the time period of 1 (one) month from the previous violation moment, ANTIQON has the right to unilateral delete PARTNERS profile by informing it 2 (two) days before doing so.
  • PARTNER bears full material responsibility for any kind of damage that has been caused by not complying with the requirements prescribed in this section and that has been done to any legal entity or natural person. ANTIQON is not responsible for the violations made by the PARTNER.


  • Before the publication of the adverts created by PARTNER, it is sent to ANTIQON for the verification process (verification of the authenticity of the ads, absence of prohibited content, compliance with other criteria specified in the General Terms).
  • During the review period, the advert remains in the "moderation" status until it is completed.
  • The moderation could take up to 72 hours. PARTNER has no complaints against ANTIQON in relation to the verification process. The moderation by ANTIQON is made only on business days.
  • In case ANTIQON is editing an already published advert created by the PARTNER for further publication, the advert is submitted for a second review (checking the authenticity of the advert, absence of prohibited content, compliance with other criteria specified in the General Terms).
  • All adverts are moderated to ensure that they comply with the rules of Antiqon Pro. In case of non-compliance with the rules of the service, the ads will not be published and will be in the "Draft" section until the changes are made.
  • All adverts are moderated to ensure that they comply with the General Terms. In case of non-compliance with the requirements and the rules of the respective service, the adverts will not be published and will be in the "Draft" section until the changes are made by the creator.
  • An additional selective rechecking of the compliance of information on previously published adverts could be carried out by ANTIQON. If ANTIQON find out that the advert created by PARTNER does not comply with the requirements, the respective advert will be rejected.


  • All notifications and information between the Parties on any matter arising from this Agreement shall be sent electronically to the Party's e-mail address or via Trading Page. For the elimination of doubts, if sent to the electronic address of the Party - the day of sending the letter if sent before 14:00, and the next day, if the letter is sent after 14:00. The Party shall inform the other Party of any change of the address or other details.
  • This Agreement shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia.
  • All disputes, disagreements or claims arising from or in connection with this Agreement, including those relating to its execution, violation, termination, or invalidity, shall be resolved in the Economic Affairs Court of the Republic of Latvia (if the relevant dispute is not resolved through negotiations between the Parties within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of the dispute).
  • If any provision of this Agreement becomes void, the other provisions of this Agreement shall not be affected. The headings are used for convenience and, therefore, do not affect the interpretation of the Agreement text.

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  • Product description requirements
  • Requirements for photographs
  • Requirements for the placement of adverts
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