This British site is one of the most popular sites on antiques in search engines. It is ideal for high visibility on the Internet and for selling a wide range of antiques. monthly sends information letters with the best and most popular antiques among more than 30,000 subscribers, thus constantly returning customers to view your items. For dealers who are just starting to sell works of art on the Internet, this site can be an ideal option. Due to good visibility on the Internet and the lack of sales commission, allows sellers to limit online sales for a broader audience. They also offer the option “Payment as you use” for dealers who want to try to sell via the Internet, but are not ready to record the subscription account. The “Pay as You Go” account allows you to pay 5 pounds individually for your ads.
What is the comission?
The cost of registration is 0$
No comission
What is the hosting fee per month or per year?
Unlimited pay as you go £5 per item
10 listings - £45 yearly fee
100 listings - £200 yearly fee
Unlimited listings - £500 yearly fee
Year founded
Total visits per month
52.7 Thousands
United Kingdom, Stickford
Global Scale & Reach
Approximate number of listings
Active buyers worldwide
Connect people and buld communities
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A wide range of customers including private buyers, collectors, and interior designers.
1,200 trade members, as well as numerous private clients
Social media traffic
ANTIQUES.CO.UK are the number 1 ranking site for Antiques related searches on the internet today.
Advertising tools sends out newsletters featuring the best and most popular antiques to over 30,000 subscribers monthly, consistently bringing customers back to view your items.
ANTIQUES.CO.UK has sophisticated search engine auto-indexes your item descriptions and can match common misspellings or popular alternative spellings of keywords so that buyers can easily find your items.