Chairish - a site for the sale of antique and vintage furniture, works of art, decorative accessories and jewelry. It is widely represented on the Internet and offers special tools for promoting goods. Chairish is focused on design. Our curators regularly illuminate sales, highlighting lists of dealers in special marketing campaigns. You can also register and place articles for free. Chairish addresses the young public, representatives of the highest middle class who want to decorate their homes/premises with fashionable vintage furniture and works of art. Chairish is a great opportunity for dealers to expand your presence on the Internet without any global costs. Use this site for goods at an average and high price that are ready for immediate use. Thanks to a strong accent on decorative objects and their quality, Chairish has become a popular site for interior designers.
What is the comission?
The cost of registration is 0$
Then $1-$2,500: 20%
$2,501-$25,000: 12%
$25,001 and above: 3%
What is the hosting fee per month or per year?
Three levels of sellers:
1. Consignor has 1-9 active listings and no monthly fee
2. Professional has 10+ active listings and no monthly fee
3. Elite has 10+ active listings and $149 monthly fee (when accepted)
Year founded
Total visits per month
3.6 Millions
United States, California, San Francisco
Global Scale & Reach
Approximate number of listings
Active buyers worldwide
Connect people and buld communities
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AUDIENCE's audience is 34.61% male and 65.39% female. The largest age group of visitors are 25 - 34 year olds. Interior designers and clients with mid to high budgets.
Social media traffic gets most of its social media traffic from Pinterest, followed by Facebook and Linkedin (Desktop). Engaging audiences through Instagram may reveal new opportunities
Advertising tools
Social medias and email newsletters. The company chooses by itself which products will be published