Packing Rules

Information about the packaging process
At the Antiqon we do everything we can to ensure your packages are always delivered on time and in great condition. Parcels can travel many thousands of miles through Antiqon s global network to reach their destinations. Packing your shipments with appropriate materials in the right way will help ensure they arrive safely and stay intact. When packing your shipments, remember that they will be transported via an express delivery network. International standards for express packaging are more stringent than other types of transportation as shipments are handled by a network of conveyors, aircraft and people.
ATTENTION! The sender is always responsible for the correct packaging of the goods. The Antiqon Delivery Service Packaging Guide provides some general instructions and examples of good packaging practices. Different shipment contents requires different levels of protection, therefore this should not be perceived as a final solution suitable for all customers. You can find out more about packaging rules on the page of our website.
    • Who provides packaging of goods sold using the Antiqon Pro service?
      The seller independently packs the goods sold using the Antiqon Pro service. In accordance with the Packing Rules. * In the case of ordering specialized packaging, the cost of manufacturing the packaging is paid by the Buyer.
    • How to pack the goods correctly?
      Product packaging rules: Link Packing Rules
    • The deadline is assigned to the packaging of goods sold using the Antiqon Pro service?
      The term for packing goods sold using the Antiqon Pro service is up to 3 (three) business days.