Antiqon Pro

General information about the service

Antiqon PRO is a single service for selling art and antiques on popular international websites. The functionality of the service allows you to transfer your business online in just a few clicks - create your own online catalog based on a multifunctional platform and, using a single personal account, place advertisements for the sale of art objects on the largest international Internet resources, thereby covering a target audience of more than 12,000,000 users.


Antiqon PRO allows you to simplify and increase the efficiency of advertising goods on the Internet. You will not have to manually upload products and pay for their placement on all presented sites separately, which will not only save your time, but will also cost 50-70% less.


In addition to the effective promotion of goods, Antiqon PRO will take care of other issues that arise during the transaction process: it will ensure the acceptance of payments using popular payment systems, provide logistics services and insurance of art objects, and will also act as a guarantor of the security of the transaction.


Antiqon PRO has developed thoughtful tariff plans that will allow every art market professional to develop their business based on their own sales strategy.


As part of the welcome promotion, the PRO premium tariff is activated absolutely free of charge for 3 months*. This offer will help you assess your audience coverage and increase sales from the first days of using the service.


Join Antiqon PRO - open up new development horizons for your business.


*In case of selling goods, the service charges a commission of 10%, which is automatically added to the price specified by the seller when publishing the ad