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Pricing plan FREE

Using popular trading platforms will enable you to reach a target audience of over 1.55 million people. By placing your products on international marketplaces, you gain the opportunity to expand the geographical boundaries of your business and showcase your items to users worldwide. Like on all paid pricing plans, Antiqon PRO offers professional services to its customers, significantly simplifying the work for antique business owners: accepting payments through popular payment systems, logistics for art items, cargo insurance, and technical support for any platform-related inquiries. By choosing the FREE pricing plan, you receive attentive customer service and the assurance of transaction security, as Antiqon PRO cares about sellers and ensures transparency at every stage of the buying and selling process. Subscribe to the FREE pricing plan and discover the possibilities of the modern art market, expanding your customer base worldwide.

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Antiqon PRO guarantees delivery and insurance of items.


Antiqon PRO takes on transaction risks and ensures payment security

Frequently asked questions
  • How to choose a tariff plan?
    To choose the right tariff plan, please read the terms and services provided within the tariff plan. To activate a suitable tariff, click the "Buy now" button, select the appropriate subscription period and a convenient payment method: by account, bank card or paypal.
  • Tariff FREE
    The Free tariff is the initial tariff for Antiqon Pro service users, which can be used completely free*. The tariff includes the basic functions of the service and is perfect for all sellers who want to master modern Internet technologies for the sale of goods. By connecting this tariff, you can download up to 50 (fifty) arts and antiques that will automatically get into the Antiqon market catalog and social networks, and will also be posted on the largest international marketplaces Google Market, Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Shopping. The use of popular trading platforms will allow you to cover the target audience of more than 1.55 (one, fifty five) million people.
  • Tariff BASIC
    With the BASIC tariff, you can download 150 (one hundred fifty) of your goods to the AntiQON market catalog and social networks, as well as make publications at specialized European and American venues for collectors from around the world: VeryimPortantlot and Vinterior. Together with popular sites, your goods will be available for sale on the largest international marketplaces by Google Market, Facebook MarketPlace and Instagram Shopping. As a result of the implementation of the promotion plan, the projected coverage of the audience will be more than 7.1 (seven, one) million users, which will significantly increase the visibility of your goods on the Internet, increase the level of sales, and therefore business profitability.
  • Tariff BUISNESS
    Especially for those who value their time and money, Antiqon Pro represents the Business tariff. As part of the tariff, you can download 300 (three hundred) goods to the Antiqon Marketplace catalog and social networks, to specialized European and American sites for collectors from around the world: VeryimPortantlot, Vinterior, Antiques Boutique, as well as publications on the largest international marketplaces, Ebay, Google Market, Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Shopping. The use of tools for the publication of your goods will cover the audience of more than 8.6 (eight, six) million users, which is guaranteed to make it possible to attract more customers and increase sales.
  • Tariff PRO
    The Pro ultimatic tariff was created by the Antiqon Pro command for professionals who immediately want to turn on all the capabilities of the service to the maximum. Cover the colossal audience of more than 12.8 (twelve, eight) million users by placing 1,000 (thousand) of your products in the catalog and social network of the Antiqon marketplace, on popular European and American sites for collectors of art: VeryimPortantlot, Vinterior, Antiques Boutique, Pomono and Chairish, as well as on the largest world markets like Ebay Google Market, Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Shopping.
  • How to switch to another tariff plan?
    To switch to another tariff plan, you need to go to your personal account and select the tariff plan to which you would like to switch. If you upgrade or downgrade your tariff plan, the transition will only take effect from the next month.
  • What happens to the balance when the tariff plan is increased or decreased or cancelled?
    When you increase the tariff plan, you must make a payment for the period of validity of the tariff you have chosen. The increase in the tariff plan takes place from the next billing month. In case of a decrease, recalculation will be made against the cost of the selected tariff plan. The tariff plan is reduced from the next billing month.
  • How can I pay for the selected tariff plan?
    To activate the appropriate tariff, press the "Buy Now" button, select the right subscription time and a convenient payment method: by account, bank card or PayPal.
  • When my subscription will be charged?
    Funds are debited at the time of choosing a tariff plan using the 100% prepayment method according to the selected subscription period.
  • When will I receive an invoice?
    The invoice will be sent to the email address you specified and placed in your personal account in the "My pricing plans" section immediately after placing the order.
  • Can I use the service without a subscription?
    No. To use the service you must select a tariff plan.
  • How can I cancel my subscription?
    Please contact us at to cancel your subscription. For a tariff valid for 1 (one) month, cancellation is not avaliable. For a tariff valid for 3-12 months (three-twelve), cancellation is avaliable starting from the 2nd (second) month of the subscription.
  • Will I be able to use my account after the subscription expires?
    Yes, you will be able to use your account. You will be automatically connected to the tariff plan FREE. The number of items to be placed on the website will be limited.
  • Will you charge a cancellation fee?
    No, there will be no cancellation fee.
  • Will I be charged a commission for the products I sell?
    The Antiqon Pro service charges a 10 (ten) % commission fee for sold goods. The fee is automatically added to the price declared by the Seller at the time the ad is placed in the Antiqon Pro service.
  • Can't pay by credit card or paypal. What should I do?
    Contact our support team or contact your personal manager through your personal user account.