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Antiqon PRO

A service for the sale of art and antiques on popular international websites
The functionality of the service allows you to bring your business online in just a few clicks - create your own online catalogue on the basis of a multifunctional platform and place ads for the sale of art objects on major international internet resources, thereby reaching a target audience of over 12 000 000 users.

We offer

Placement on international Platforms

Automatically upload and update your products on the largest international Internet resources with the help of a single advertising account

Receiving payments

Payment instruments of the Antiqon PRO project provide the ability to accept funds for goods and services using popular international payment systems


Antiqon Pro delivery service guarantees the uninterrupted delivery and insurance of items worldwide


Antiqon assumes all transaction risks, ensures the safety of payments and builds effective communication between the participants of the sale-purchase process

Professionals choose Antiqon PRO

Market experts agree that for the successful development of business today it is necessary to improve methods of trade, shifting the focus from offline points of sale to using all the advantages of online marketing and modern eCommerce technologies

Single personal account

Manage and customize your sales processes on the largest international platforms in one click

Effective marketing tools

With the Antiqon PRO service, you have access to modern technologies for promoting goods, ensuring sales growth of more than 58%

Impeccable customer service

Antiqon PRO specialists will help at all stages of the transaction, solving all the issues of accepting payments, delivery and communication with customers


Antiqon Pro allows you to simplify and increase the efficiency of advertising goods on the Internet.

Save money

Listing your products through the Antiqon Pro service will cost 50% less than paying for publications on all presented platforms separately

Save time

Publish ads and manage sales on all platforms at once through a single personal account, without wasting time uploading products and processing requests on each individual resource

Expand your audience

Reach a target audience of over 12 000 000 users gathered from the most popular and commercially effective international platforms

We're here to make sure you have the best experience possible!

Round the clock availability

Our customer service is available 24/7 to handle all your questions and provide you with assistance.

Personalized support

A dedicated personal manager to guide you every step of the way.*

Training and onboarding

An intuitive training and onboarding program for new clients.

3 steps to start selling


Register in the system and get access to a Personal Account, where you can manage your goods in real time, receive offers from buyers and keep track of all the stages of the transaction


Fill in the description of your products, attach high-quality photos of items, and set an acceptable price. After moderation, your ads will be included in the online catalogs of the largest Internet platforms and will become available to collectors from all over the world


After receiving a price-appropriate offer, Antiqon PRO specialists will take care of all aspects of the transaction, accepting payment, transferring the proceeds to you and delivering the purchased item to the buyer

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Pricing plans

3-month free period

Choose your tariff plan, suitable for the optimal budget and promotion strategy,
to ensure the highest level of sales
1 month
3 months
12 months
free trial
You will be seen by
per month
Use the Antiqon Pro service for free. Give your business a boost
>1.55 million users
per month
Balanced rate for small galleries that are just starting to trade online
>7.1 million users
per month
Scale your business and increase sales by reaching your target audience from around the world
>8.6 million users
per month
Ultimative tariff for professionals who want to use the service to the maximum
>12.8 million users
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